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Schedule and Activities

8:45-9:15am/12:00-12:30pm - Exploration Time, Free choice of activities (Crafts, Free Play, Puzzles, Building Blocks, Montessori Materials)


9:15-9:30/12:30-12:45m - Circle Time, Stories & Songs

(Groups Discussions, Story Time, Sing-a-longs, Felt Stories)


9:30-10:30/12:45-2pm- Structured Activities

(Math, Language, Geography, Monthly Themed Language Books,

Montessori Learning Materials)


10:30-11:15/2:00-2:30pm - Outdoor Play, Music and Movement

(Sunny/Cloudy days -  outdoor play in playground, Rainy days - music and movement activities inside the classroom)


11:15am/2:30pm - Pick Up, Going Home Time

Snack & Show and Tell

Children are asked to bring their own snack to school daily.  Allowing children to eat at any time during the class when they feel hungry gives them the opportunity to develop independence, and an understanding of their own needs.


**Due to severe allergies in some children, we prohibit ANY nuts or snacks with possible nuts in them to be served at school.


Our focus is on teaching healthy eating habits and promoting nutritious foods to children - to support this we ask that NO high sugar foods are served.  Fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products are well received and colorful, attractive choices.

On your child's birthday a small birthday celebration with home made loafs, mini cupcakes, or a small home made cookie may be sent in for sharing.  Once a month, a special helper will be able to present something of importance to his/her classmates. 



Monthly Themes

Each month from September to June, we focus on a different topic of interest, and develop this within the classroom with arts and crafts activities, emergent reading and writing activities, and through our circle time discussions and stories.


Exposing children to exciting and educational topics such as "Ocean Creatures", "How does a seed grow?", or"My Journey through Space" allows us to introduce topics not traditionally covered by Montessori teaching methods, and allows our program to be current.  Whenever appropriate, field trips or visiting programs are organized to co-ordinate with our themes.

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