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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Morning Class Program 8:45-11:15am Monday to Friday



Our programs combine traditional Montessori activities, in the 4 key areas of Language, Mathematics, Sensorial (shapes, colours, tactile learning), and Practical Life (fine motor skill development), with additional activities that are beneficial for children.  Our play based activities such as sand and water play, building blocks, and dramatic play provide children with unlimited opportunities to develop language, social skills, and independence.  Added activities in areas such as Science Exploration, and World Geography are added to the curriculum to enrich our program and provide dynamic learning opportunities.


Writing skills are encouraged and supported through the use of monthly thematic workbooks and math worksheets for those children who are able to demonstrate proper pencil grasp.  Our recently adopted "Writing without Tears" phonics program provides simple yet effective learning materials in this key area.


Daily crafts and art activities are available for children and encourage skills such as cutting, pasting, and arranging, as well as developing creativity, self expression, and self confidence.


Our program is further enhanced by the addition of two extra components, Music and Yoga.  Children in our program receive weekly Music instruction using percussion instruments such as hand drums and rhythm sticks to introduce musical concepts such as dynamics and tempo. Bi-weekly Yoga lessons with a certified Yoga instructor gives children self awareness, self-calming techniques, and promotes health and wellness. 

​Afternoon Class Program 12:00-2:30pm Monday to Friday


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